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Safe, Sound, and Secure with Security Field Day 8!

We’re finishing up 2022 strong with another edition of Security Field Day. Our lineup of presenters and delegates are some of the best in the game and they’re ready to help you understand the changing landscape of security and how it integrates into enterprise IT. The conversations and discussions at Security Field Day are what you need to hear as you plan for 2023 and beyond.

Security Field Day Presentation Lineup

Wednesday, November 16 is the first day of our event. We’re going to be hearing from Fortinet for three great hours. This is the first time the Fortinet team has presented at Security Field Day and they’re so well known in the security industry that we know you’re going to be excited to hear what they’ve been up to. In the afternoon we’re going to have a roundtable discussion with our delegates that’s focused on securing the future of IT. The expert opinions from our delegates represent what practitioners are seeing in the industry and should help you understand where your focus should be as you plan out your enterprise strategies.

Thursday, November 17 starts off with a presentation from Micron. They’re excited to share lots of information about their Authenta platform and how it’s enabling more secure devices for your users. After that is a presentation from HashiCorp. They’ve been hard at work on more of their great solutions for security teams and they’re going to show them off as well as discuss how they integrate together to make your operations teams more efficient.

Friday, November 18 opens with a returning Field Day presenter, Swimlane. They had a great presentation last year in their first appearance and they’ve been working hard to increase how they can enable teams to integrate more and more security solutions together to streamline operations. The final presenter on Friday is a first time company, Cribl. They are one of the most respected names in analytics and data science and how it can be applied to security in your enterprise. Make sure you tune in to see how they’re changing the way we look at the data our systems are generating.

Follow Along with Field Day

Security Field Day 8 will take place November 16-18, 2022 in Silicon Valley. You can follow along live at as well as the Security Field Day event page. For those that spend lots of time on LinkedIn we’ll be streaming on the Tech Field Day LinkedIn page as well. After the event is finished you’ll be able to watch all the highlights on the Tech Field Day Youtube channel. If you want to participate live with the delegates makes sure you follow Tech Field Day on Twitter and use the hashtag #XFD8. We’re excited to see you soon!

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