A Keyboard Quest

As someone who has spent an embarrassingly long time thinking about keyboard purchases, this post by Bob Plankers warmed the cockles of my heart.

Bob found himself suddenly free from the constraints of having to worry about coworker sanity, and was at liberty to choose a keyboard of his liking. He ultimately went with the well regarded CODE Keyboard from WASD.

But Bob left out the most important detail. What switch did he end up getting? Personally I think I would go with a Cherry MX Green or Zealio 65g. Then again, I am not past the age when I want an ultra clicky keyboard, and I like a keyboard switch with a healthy resistance to boot.

Personally, I someday want to build my own keyboard from scratch. But if I was going with a keyboard from WASD, I’d have to go with this beauty, the Semiotic Alternate.

Bob Plankers writes:

In a few weeks I’m not going to have coworkers within 50 feet of me, and my old keyboards are getting a little, well, old. So I thought I’d treat myself to a new keyboard. Over the last couple years I’ve been lurking in the community around keyboards, marveling at the incredible love that people pour into the devices at their fingertips.

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