Cisco Announces “The Network. Intuitive.”

If nothing else, Cisco Live always impresses on me the sheer scope of a company like Cisco. Quite often, I learn about a business unit or product offering that I either knew by name only, or had never heard from at all.

Of course, all that size can be detrimental if not handled properly. If everyone operates in a vacuum, you often see redundancy and duplicated effort. They become soloed institution inside a company.

Justin Cohen outlines what he’s heard from Cisco about efforts to bring down these silos, and the unprecedented collaboration between units now happening with the company. In their Digital Network Architecture, Cisco is focusing on intent and context as the pillars of moving toward a more intuitive and holistic view of the network from a business perspective.

Justin runs down some of the specifics in his article.

Justin Cohen comments:

With content courtesy of Cisco Systems

Last year I broke down the Cisco DNA – Digital Network Architecture in an article called “Beyond Marchitecture”, because quite frankly, it was a ton of marketing with little substance.

This year at Cisco Live! 2017, Cisco has done this the right way.   With a new campaign, backed by the technical prowess we expect from Cisco and launched with all the big names, and big programs we expect.  This was well thought out, and if this is what Chuck Robbins is going to bring to the table of Cisco Systems – there should be some big things ahead.

In a series of interviews with different business units, it was revealed that the “Handcuffs are off” and departments have been given the ability to innovate, collaborate and tear down the silos.  This new program demonstrates that.

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