The Machine is Dead; Long Live The Machine

HPE Discover produced some pretty polarized reactions. Somewhere in the middle comes this piece by Matthew Leib. He ponders the great marketing hype surround HP’s highly covered The Machine. I’ve already expressed my own personal grievance against The Machine. It was once lauded as the last great hope for production use of memristors. Sadly, it seems they are now out of the picture.

Not in any way a metaphor

Still Matthew thinks the true value of The Machine isn’t necessarily in its success generating public interest, or as a great monolithic contraption that will redefine computing. Rather it is out of the multitude of solutions devised to make The Machine that HPE might be able to see some value. He’s particularly bullish on the Intelligent Edge appliance. He sees this as HPE’s convereged solution that should have big appeal for enterprises with Big Data and IoT needs.

Overall, it’s a really thoughtful look at what The Machine could really mean for HPE in the future.

Virtuallytiedtomydesktop’s Blog comments:

The Machine is Dead; Long Live The Machine or The Anti-Gestalt of The Machine


I saw so many interesting things from this organization still transitioning from their big monolithic entity to this new version, leaner, more efficient, and with some interesting changes; for example, the selling off of the Software entities to Micro Focus, and the professional services group being moved outward to CSC. There are many speculations as to why this may have occurred, but in my opinion, this has more to do with focus, and the desire to make what is a huge organization operate more efficiently, and to direct its efforts into the core technology to which it has relied most heavily.


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