Requesting Your Data Post-GDPR

IT has been staring down the barrel of GDPR for some time, and the post-GDPR world is now upon us. So, as a consumer, what’s it like?

Steve Sande shares the experience of requesting and getting his personal information from Apple, one of the companies that’s offering GDPR-like data requests outside of Europe as well.

For non-European customers, this means requesting it via a webmail interface, and waiting several weeks. Data is sent via an encrypted ZIP file. iCloud logins, Apple mail server access logs, and Apple Store transactions are all included in over twenty spreadsheets.

I definitely requested my data from Apple, and it’ll be interested to see how many other companies offer the same for non-European customers.

Steve Sande comments:

Your journey to personal data transparency begins at apple.com/legal/privacy/contact/. On this page (see screenshot below), select the location of your account. For American, Canadian and Puerto Rican Apple customers, that will be the left-most button.

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