SD-WAN with VeloCloud at Networking Field Day 13


Software defined networking solutions are a lot like opinions, just because you have one doesn’t mean it’s any good. Phil Gervasi gives a look at an offering from VeloCloud in anticipation of a Networking Field Day presentation and likes what he sees. Whereas some other SD-WAN offerings can be immature, VeloCloud appears to provide a fully thought out solution. Using “dynamic multi-path optimization” with proprietary monitoring for checking on a variety of issues.

VeloCloud’s Edge appliance appears to offer a dead simple setup, but Phil isn’t quite sure about how exactly they’re managing the cloud network of distributed gateways. I’m not sure what Phil will conclude after hearing more from VeloCloud, but what makes this space so exciting is seeing how rapidly they are being deployed. SD-WAN may have a lot of buzz, but it’s also getting hearty adoption across the enterprise spectrum. VeloCloud may be just one approach to it, but the more “SD-WAN goodness”, the better!

Phil Gervasi comments:

VeloCloud, a well-known name in the SD-WAN space, will be one of the presenting companies at Networking Field Day 13.  I’ve heard of VeloCloud before, but I’ve never really dug into what they do much until recently. I’ve been looking at SD-WAN solutions for my day job and am very interested in how they do per packet and per flow load balancing across several aggregated WAN links. How do they provide a similar performance and end-user experience load balancing an application over both broadband and LTE links, for example?

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