HyTrust wings in to scoop up a fatally wounded Data Gravity

Another day, another acquisition. This time, it’s Data Gravity, another familiar face from Tech Field Day events. According to The Register, Data Gravity was rapidly shedding staff and costs and had almost shut down when it was sold. Now Ben Kepes reports that HyTrust has purchased the company. This is good news for those of us who liked the Data Gravity approach to data, since HyTrust has a solid history of productive acquisitions. It’s just too bad that so many great people were let go before the acquisition happened, though perhaps HyTrust will try to re-hire some of them.

Ben Kepes comments:

Any result which sees a vendor continue, as opposed to failing outright, is a success at some level. While DataGravity didn’t meet its potential, it lives on, at least as a small part of a larger whole. While investors won’t be happy, DataGravity’s product set fits well within HyTrust and maybe, just maybe, they can realize some future value from the acquisition.

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Ben also reports that Zerto and Veeam (also Field Day favorites) had been approached but passed on the acquisition.

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