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Getting Started With S3 Compatible Object Storage

The massive amounts of data growing everywhere is pivoting the market gradually toward object storage. Although not exactly new, object storage is for sure the newest thing in storage to be embraced so widely by organizations. Pretty much all cloud giants namely, Amazon, Google and Microsoft now depend on object storage where cloud infrastructures are concerned.

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When it comes to object storage, S3 compatible object storage gains prominence over other traditional storage methods. The S3 platform brings to mind AWS, its rightful creator, but it’s not the only cloud service that leverages it. There are many other compelling cloud services that are built on this selfsame technology.

Traverse the world of object storage and S3 compatible ones in particular, with Jim Jones, a Field Day delegate who in his blog covers these two topics in depth in the article titled “Getting started with S3 Compatible Object Storage”. He writes,

Recently a good portion of my day job has been focused on learning and providing support for s3 compatible object storage? What is s3 compatible you say? So while Amazon’s AWS may have created the s3 platform at its root today is an open framework of API calls and commands known as s3.

Read the rest of this article- “Getting started with S3 Compatible Object Storage” to learn how you can connect to an S3 compatible storage and install and configure AWS CLI Client.

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