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EtherealMind’s Fifteen Networking Truths (Rules of Networking)

A great thing about experience is that the person who has it can apply his or her wisdom across industries. What struck me about the following post by Greg Ferro is that the truths he uncovers are applicable not just in networking but in many different fields.

Greg writes his “Fifteen Networking Truths” with knowledge gained over the last 15 years or so. His list of rules examines truths (and their corollaries) for network engineers and technology professionals.

Greg Ferro comments:

I started writing this list sometime around 2004 as my own take on RFC1925 Networking Truths. I have a lot of respect to the IETF RFC 1925 for its truth and humour but I felt that my experience as an engineer needed my own take for the world I live in. I’m not proposing this as an IETF Informational document.

Rule 1 : It’s usually something simple. Check the physical first.

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