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AirTight – Freaking Me Out By Spoofing All My SSIDs

Jennifer Huber of I ♥ WiFi comments:

I’ve heard all about the  different types of  wireless attacks that can be launched against any wireless environment. Firesheep was one of  the  first wireless attacks I could see being launched on the wifi network of any restaurant, coffee shop or waiting room. Of course  there are thousands of possible wireless attacks, but I’m dubious about the actual use of wireless attacks outside of a  white/black hat conference, or attacks being launched at individuals instead of being launched at a corporation.

This happened to me at Wireless Field Day as well. The implications of a “harmless” spoofing attack aren’t that harmless after all.

Read more at:  AirTight – Freaking Me Out By Spoofing All My SSIDs #WFD6

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