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A closer look at SanDisk FlashSoft 3.1 for vSphere

Luca Dell’oca from Virtual to the Core comments:

I promised myself for a long time to learn more and test about this product. I discovered for the first time FlashSoft during Storage Field Day 3 event in Denver: FlashSoft was acquired by SanDisk on February 2012, and it was honestly a surprise for me to find out the behemoth of Flash memories had also an Enterprise division, comprising solutions like FlashSoft and others. Just like me, probably many of you have always thought about SanDisk only in regards to their portable memories or some USB keys… I had finally the opportunity to reconfigure my lab and to learn something more about this solution. This is a first article about FlashSoft, how it works and what features it has.

SanDisk impressed a lot of the delegates. They don’t just make SD cards anymore. Read on to find out what Luca took from their Storage Field Day 3 presentation.

Read more at:  A closer look at SanDisk FlashSoft 3.1 for vSphere

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