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@CloudByteInc’s multi-tenancy enables vMotion-like storage flexibility

Joep Piscaer of Virtual Lifestyle comments:

Back in November, I attended  Storage Field 4, and CloudByte was one of the vendors  presenting. I had put CloudByte on my  to-do list item to cover them in a blog post as their message of multi-tenancy and QoS grabbed my attention, and I wanted to dive into their product  and cover their technical solution. After months of testing (and changing focus as they themselves changed focus; more on that later), I finally got around to writing up my experiences with  the product. And I’m glad I did, as they have some pretty interesting ideas built into their ElastiStor product.

CloudByte had a great presentation at Storage Field Day 4. Read on for Joep’s analysis of their product and how it fits into the storage market.

Read more at: @CloudByteInc’s multi-tenancy enables vMotion-like storage flexibility

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