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Bob Plankers The Lone Sysadmin comments:

For both personal and technical reasons I’ve always liked the Isilon products, and they’ve done some great work contributing back to the FreeBSD codebase & community as well as creating a product that scales both performance and capacity. People often seem to forget that storage is measured in two ways: how much you can store and how fast you can get to your data[1]. Adding capacity was always easy, adding performance was harder, and in the face of flash memory the monolithic array model just cannot keep up at scale, on either the performance front or the management front. Adding more arrays just doesn’t scale after a while, either – management is a nightmare.  Coho Data takes a page from the Isilon playbook, providing one management interface for a ton of IOPS and capacity.

The company formerly known as Convergent.IO seems to have made a big impression with the folks that have been taking a close look for the past couple of months. Hear more from them in November at Storage Field Day 4.

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