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Is a Copy a Backup?

Curtis Preston of Mr. Backup comments:

Are we breaking backup in a new way by fixing it?  That’s the thought I had while interviewing Bryce Hein from Quantum. It made me think about a blog post I wrote four years ago asking whether or not snapshots and replication could be considered a backup.  The interview is an interesting one and the blog post has a lot of good points, along with quite a bit of banter in the comments section.
What I mean when I say, “is a copy a backup” is this: traditionally, a “backup” changed form during the backup process.  It was put into tar/cpio/dump format, or the format of some commercial backup tool.  In this process, it made it slightly harder for it to be monkeyed with by a black hat.

Leave it to Curtis to pose a question like this. I think he has some valid points, but all I see in my head is the old DOS COPY command.

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