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Dell & Nutanix: A Web-Scale Partnership with the XC Series

Bob Plankers writing for The Virtualization Practice comments:

Dell and Nutanix have jointly  announced the  Dell XC Series of Web-scale Converged Appliances, a Dell hardware solution running Nutanix hyperconverged software, as an open-ended partnership. Available in October, the XC Series will function similarly to Nutanix’s current proprietary hardware, except that it will be based on specific (and as-yet-unannounced) configurations of Dell PowerEdge rackmount hardware, with Nutanix hyperconverged software on board.

Branding will continue to be the same, with the Dell label on the front and the Nutanix name on the software itself. Support tasks will fall along those same lines, too, with Dell handing hardware needs and Nutanix handling software issues. Existing Nutanix customers won’t initially be able to grow their current clusters using XC Series configurations, though this is planned as a future enhancement.

The partnership between Nutanix and Dell has the potential to grow web scale computing quickly. Read on for Bob’s take on this announcement.

Read more at: Dell & Nutanix: A Web-Scale Partnership with the XC Series

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