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Amy Arnold of Just Another Day At The Office writes:

ThousandEyes announced something they called “new and shiny” at Networking Field Day 8 and it definitely caught my attention — not just because the word shiny was used* — but also because voice was the target of the announcement. I am quite used to being the literal and figurative red headed stepchild at networking events due to my involvement in that oh-so-unsavory world of voice** — but this Networking Field Day, voice got some well deserved attention.

ThousandEyes makes a product that via the use of Enterprise and Cloud Agents — those are active probes set out and about in your network, SaaS networks, and around the globe, you can gather some extremely detailed information regarding network performance, even when you don’t own all the pieces of the infrastructure along the path.

ThousandEyes really impressed the delegates at Networking Field Day 8. Especially when talking about a troublesome protocol like voice quality assurance. Read on for Amy’s thoughts.

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