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Hyperwashing: What Makes a Solution Hyperconverged?

Alastair Cooke writing for The Virtualization Practice comments:

Whenever an innovation or buzzword gets popular, it is natural for marketing to pile on and apply the word to products. We are starting to see “hyperconverged” achieve this sort of recognition. Early hyperconverged vendors built their solutions from the beginning to be hyperconverged and deliver a set of values. These vendors continue to work at educating the market on the nature and value of hyperconvergence. Now, the customer appetite for hyperconverged solutions is proven and lucrative. Other vendors are calling their products “hyperconverged” because they have some of the characteristics, but giving something a name doesn’t change its nature. At the same time, giving something the wrong name doesn’t mean that thing isn’t valuable. So, what does make a solution hyperconverged? What is it about these solutions that makes them deserve a different name?

Hyperconverged is very popular term in today’s virtualization market. But what makes something hyper converged?

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