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Low Cost KVM Based Hyperconverged solution for SMB

Vladan Seget of ESX Virtualization writes:

Low cost does not mean low quality but rather better bang for your bucks. I think One of the reasons that SMBs usually don’t go hyper-converged or webscale is the price. Solutions from vendors like Nutanix are usually not cost friendly because pay not only for hardware, but also for the proprietary technology running underneath AND also VMware licensing. Even if KVM and Hyper-V are often also options. That’s why Scalecomputing is something to look at as they leverage KVM as hypervisor solution. They offer pre-packaged (and pre-configured) systems where servers, storage, virtualization and HA lives on the same system. HA, vMotion.

Vladan takes a look at the Scale Computing solution demonstrated at Virtualization Field Day 5. Read on for this thoughts and how it fits into the marketplace.

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