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My Bootcamp experience..

Craig Schnarrs of comments:

So you have looked around and found out that the best Windows laptop for wireless work is a MacBook Air. It’s ironic if you think about it. Windows runs a lot better on Apple hardware than it ever did on other manufacturers equipment. If you’re a WiFi geek like me you realize that most of the industry standard wireless tools run on Windows. For instance, you have Wi-Spy, Chanalyzer and EYE PA from Metageek. Airmagnet Wifi Analyzer and Survey Pro from Fluke. Omnipeek from Wildpackets, and Ekahau Site Survey from Ekahau. There are many others but these are what I use on a regular basis.

Running Windows on a Mac is a popular option today. But Bootcamp can have its own particular set of hiccups. Read on to find the solution to one of them.

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