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Network Aware Software: Rubbish idea or OpenDayLight Function?

David Gee of comments:

“Sir, Skynet is self aware…”

Not really the line anyone wants to hear, especially after watching the Terminator films! This however isn’t what this post is about, so if you’re a bit of a rebel, fear not. No network vendor branded termination thing (maybe other than poor documentation or code) will result in your death.

Since the era of the abacus, little consideration has been given to how software that relies upon a computer network actually interacts with it. Sure, most developers know how to drive a socket library and make things happen at a session level, but almost no consideration is given by a developer on how to deploy an enterprise application to a production environment.

This post represents a set of thoughts that have been maturing over the last few months. They are very much my own thoughts and do not represent those of others. I would be interested to hear if you have the same thoughts or any interesting different takes.

I like David’s take here on the evolution of applications becoming more aware of the network. Both pieces have to work together or nothing will be accomplished.

Read more at: Network Aware Software: Rubbish idea or OpenDayLight Function?

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