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Nimble Storage now integrates with System Center VMM

Jeff Wilson of Agnostic Computing comments:

Just as I was wrapping up my time at my last employer, Nimble Storage delivered a great big Christmas gift, seemingly prepared just for me. It was a gift that brought a bit of joy to my blackened, wounded heart, which has suffered so much at the hands of storage vendors in years gone by.

What was this amazing gift that warmed my soul in the bleak, cold Southern California winter? Something called SMI-S, or Smizz as I think of it. SMI-S is an open standard management framework for storage. But before I get into that, some background.

Integration with SCVMM means that Nimble Storage is now that much more a part of Hyper-V deployments. Given how much focus is paid to VMware, this is welcome news to people running the *other* virtualization platform.

Read more at: Nimble Storage now integrates with System Center VMM

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