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Optical discs for Facebook cold storage

Ray Lucchesi of RayOnStorage comments:

The article mentioned that Facebook is testing the new technology first on its compliance data. After that Facebook will start using it for cold photo storage. Facebook also said that it will be using different storage technologies for it’s cold storage repository mentioning “bad flash” as another alternative.

BluRay supports both a re-writeable as well as WORM (write once, read many times)  technology. As such, WORM discs cannot be modified, only destroyed.  WORM technology would be very useful for anyone’s compliance data. The rewritable Blu Ray discs might be more effective for cold photo storage, however the fact that people on Facebook rarely delete photos, says WORM would work well here too.

It’s interesting that Facebook has gone to optical to meet their backup needs. Magnetic tape seems to be the popular option, followed closely by Amazon Glacier. Maybe Zuckerberg has a whole bunch of blank DVDs he wants to get rid of?

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