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Peak-y NAS?

Martin Glassborow of Storagebod comments:

So it seems that IBM have finally decided to stop reselling NetApp filers  and focus on their own products; I’m also waiting for the inevitable announcement that they will stop selling the rebadged Engenio products as well as there is fairly large cross-over there.

In fact there is more cross-over between IBMs own Storwize range and the Engenio range than there is between IBM’s NAS and NetApp’s NAS. So I guess we’ll probably see V5000u and V3700U announcements in the future. And if IBM really want to be a little bit nasty, they’ll push the external virtualisation capabilities of the Storwize Unified Devices and their much larger current support matrix for external devices.

The NAS field is getting crowded. I wonder how much longer these product mixes will be able to survive?

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