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Potential Issues with Multicast within a VLAN Spanning Switches

Daniel Dib of Daniels networking blog comments:

I ran into an interesting issue yesterday at work. There is a new video system
being installed, which takes the video output from computers, encodes it and
sends it as multicast to a controller. The controller then displays it on
a video wall. I had been told that the network has to support multicast.
As all the devices were residing in the same VLAN, I did not expect any issues.
However, the system was not able to receive the multicast. At first we expected
it could be the virtual environment and that the vSwitch did not support multicast,
because one server was deployed on the ESX cluster.

Multicast is one of those technologies that will give you headache after headache when you try to configure it. Read on for one of Daniel’s headaches with spanning VLANs across switches with multicast.

Read more at: Potential Issues with Multicast within a VLAN Spanning Switches

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