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Secrets Behind A10 Health Monitors

John Herbert of Lame Journal comments:

Whether you use A10, f5 or some other load balancer, you’re probably used to the idea of health monitors, or “health checks”. The load balancer periodically performs some kind of connectivity test to the servers that are used to service a given VIP (virtual IP), then if a certain number of health checks are unsuccessful, the service on that particular server is marked unavailable and it is no longer used to service requests to that VIP.

Sounds simple enough, but things are rarely straightforward — and this is no exception.

John does a great job dissecting the various pieces that go into A10’s health monitoring services. Tweaking timers may not seem like the most important thing you’ll do, but it could save you a lot of headache in the future if done right.

Read more at: Secrets Behind A10 Health Monitors

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