Smart Watches and Computers On Your Face

Marco Arment of Marco.org comments:

The personal computer and the smartphone are amazing, and will almost certainly remain pillars of computing for the majority of our lifetimes. Beyond those two major portability and productivity classes, you hit diminishing returns.

Portability is critical to modern device usefulness, and there are only two classes that matter anymore: always with you, and not.1 Devices that are always with you must fit comfortably into pants pockets without looking stupid. If you’re exceeding the size of pockets or small handbags, you’ll need a bag of some sort, which means you can carry pretty much anything up to a full-featured modern laptop. (Ultralight laptops are extremely capable these days.)

Marco’s take on smart watches and why they only slightly more useful than phones. I’ll admit I’ve been back and forth on a smart watch for a while now. Is having faster access to notifications really worth taking a chance on a first generation wearable?

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