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Today, It Wasn’t DNS

Troubleshooting is easy. It’s always DNS. Even when it looks like something else entirely different the answer almost always has to be DNS somewhere. Sadly, before DNS it was always the network. And that’s how both of these technologies gained the reputation of being a pariah that is always to blame in every situation. It might be where you start your troubleshooting journey but there are times when the answer isn’t DNS.

Bryton Herdes knows networking. He’s a recent JNCIE and he’s built some very complex networks in his time. He’s also great at troubleshooting them when they go wrong. And in this great post he talks about a particular problem that required investigation, packet tracing, and perhaps even a bit of conversation with the technicians helping him turn up a new circuit. The result? A solved problem that wasn’t DNS for a change!

As Bryton put it in this great deep dive:

For someone new, you may wonder how this wasn’t caught sooner – well this was strictly a backup wireless link as mentioned earlier. Let this serve as a reminder to always find a way to thoroughly test and monitor your redundant links, because when you need them you’d really like for them to work and perform well.

Read more about this issue at Bryton’s post here: Today, It Wasn’t DNS

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