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UCS M-Series: The Server, Deconstructed

Michael Stump of the #eager0 comments:

Last week, I attended the Cisco #UCSGrandSlam product launch in NYC as a member of the Tech Field Day delegation. I’m sure you followed the excitement on social media; the  @CiscoDC team really knows how to promote their events! And you’ve likely read some great blog posts from some of the other delegates, including Chris Wahl  and Jason Edelman.

To sum up the event, Cisco unveiled two new breeds of server hardware: the M-Series and the C-Series. The C-series server is a beast of a rack-mounted server with enough drive bays that you’d be forgiven for calling it a drive tray. And the M-series represents, in Cisco’s terms, the “dis-aggregated server.” While the products were certainly provocative and riddled with innovation, I left the press event with one question: what is  a server?

Michael has some great thoughts here about the Cisco UCS Grand Slam server launch. What is a server exactly? Cisco seems to have moved the bar once again.

Read more at: UCS M-Series: The Server, Deconstructed

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