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How vSphere APIs for IO Filtering (VAIO) Changes Everything

Chris Wahl of Wahl Network comments:

During this year’s US based VMworld 2014 conference, I had the pleasure of sitting down with the Tech Field Day Extra at VMworld crew to hear a variety of vendors discuss their products and solutions. One such company was SanDisk, or more specifically, the FlashSoft folks, around their collaboration with VMware on vSphere APIs for IO Filtering, which has been shortened to VAIO. No, not the laptop. :)

The idea behind VAIO is to create a specific set of APIs available for the expressed purpose of exposing disk operations for vendors that wish to fiddle with the IO bits before they land on the storage device. This gives VMware and third party developers the ability to be a first class citizen within the VM’s IO path, rather than having to use the PSA, hacks, or other workarounds at the kernel level. I think Cormac Hogan (whom was a dinner guest of ours) put the reason behind this into words quite nicely:

Chris has a great breakdown of the SanDisk presentation from Tech Field Day Extra at VMworld. The API IO Filtering
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