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AMD and ARM Make Their Case for the Data Center in Gestalt Server News 17.5


Here’s your regular look at what’s happening in servers.

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AMD Naples

AMD Returns to the Data Center

At the Open Compute Summit, AMD went into some more details about it’s high end server CPU, codenamed “Naples”. At one time, the company’s Opteron processors were used in supercomputers. While never the dominant force in the data center, AMD had carved out a niche. The last decade has proven more problematic in the enterprise. AMD thinks Naples is not only competitive with the best from Intel, but will serve as a bulwark against what they describe as the problem of server “incrementalism”.
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Microsoft Edge and the Great Virtual Machine Escape

At this year’s Pwn2Own competition, all the major browser providers showed up hoping to have a good showing. While only Chrome remained unscathed this year, Microsoft’s Edge browser didn’t have as good of a showing. This year, security researchers were able to do something notable, not only gain access to a guest OS via a browser exploit, but to piggyback that with a VMware bug to gain access to the machine hosting the VM. Checkout the rest of the piece for details.
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Articles that made us think this week…

AppliedMicro’s X-Gene 3 SoC Begins Sampling: A Step in ARM’s 2017 Server Ambitions

From Johan De Gelas: One thing is interesting: the arrival of the X-Gene 3 puts a lot of pressure on Intel’s decision to artificially curtail the Xeon D platform. Intel’s fastest Xeon D (D-1587) offers lot of performance with 16 cores and 32 threads as 2.3 GHz, all inside a low 65W TDP – but the Xeon D has only 2 memory channels, can support only 128 GB of memory, and costs $1754 list price.

From what we can tell, the X-Gene 3 is rumored to cost less than $1200. At that price, it offers much more memory bandwidth and capacity, given its 8-channels and support for up to 1 TB. So although we have some reservations, we welcome the X-Gene 3 to be the cat among the Xeon D pigeons.
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Raspberry Pi in the Data Center

It’s easy to be dismissive of the humble Raspberry Pi. In many ways it’s painfully limited by slow I/O, meager compute and a reliance on an microSD card to boot. But despite these shortcoming, and perhaps because of its bargain basement price, the board has found a hoard of devotees. Keith Townsend looks at how the Pi could find a home in the data center. He makes a good point, despite being low power, the compute on it comes like my favorite pizza, “cheap and deep”. Keith thinks this could have major applications as an object store.
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