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What is Big Data? The On-Premise IT Roundtable


To be clear, the answer to “what is big data?” isn’t the On-Premise IT Roundtable. Nevertheless, our panelists discuss what exactly they mean when they use the term, why it’s the new hotness, and how they’ve seen it impact organizations.
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The Year of Cloud Extension

Storage is a conservative industry, and enterprise IT is loathe to allow data outside the safe confines of the data center. But on-premises storage has its limits, and the allure of cloud services is undeniable. So enterprise storage providers are shifting their stance, embracing cloud as an extension of on-premises storage solutions.
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Article that made us think this week…

Running GUI’s with Docker on macOS

Nils De Moor writes:This article serves as transcript to our hands-on demo and as a quick refresher on how to run these kind of applications on a Mac in 5 minutes or less. For a more in depth look on how to build and run Linux GUI apps on Mac I highly recommend the full from scratch rundown, by fellow Docker Captain Alex Ellis.
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Cloud Field Day hits Silicon Valley July 27-28, 2017

Make sure your calendar is clear this summer for Cloud Field Day, hitting Silicon Valley in late July. This year, we’ll be hearing from Gigamon, Nimble Storage, Platform9, Rubrik, Scality and ServiceNow. Make sure to check back for more information on presenting companies and delegates as the event approaches.

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More interesting reads from the community

How to Deploy a Docker Container in Shipyard – by Jack Wallen

Why Does DevOps Require a New Operating Model? – by Mustafa Kapadia

Let’s Start Preparing for Whatever Comes After Containers- by Jason McDonald

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