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Cumulus Networks, DDoS Detection, and Automation in Networking News 17.2

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Cumulus Networks and the Demands of Hardware

Cumulus Networks doesn’t think it’s getting into the hardware game. But their Cumulus Express offering bundles their popular Cumulus OS preinstalled on a switch. On its face, this shouldn’t disrupt or compete directly with their partners. Over time, success could put the company in an awkward spot.
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Networking Field Day Coverage

Upcoming Events in Networking

February 20-22, 2017

Tech Field Day crosses the Atlantic for an exciting Extra event in Berlin, in collaboration with Cisco Live. The staff and delegates will engage with companies for in-depth technical discussion, with full videos available after the event.

Date: February 20-22, 2017
Presenters: CiscoPaesslerwith more to be announced soon!
Delegates: Dominik PickhardtEthan BanksGabriele GerbinoIvan PepelnjakJasper BongertzMax MortillaroPeter Paul Engelen.

More Articles of Interest

Exploring Mesh with an AP-205H

Scott McDermott takes a look at the HPE AP-205H access point that he got a look at from Wireless Field Day. While the device is versatile enough for a number of use cases, what Scott wanted to see is if he could use it to bridge all of his home media devices. He walks through all the steps of getting this setup, and what his impressions are. It might be a little overkill, but it definitely shows it’s a versatile piece of hardware!

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Response: Is It Really Always the Network?

Michael McNamara responses to Tom Hollingsworth piece from the last newsletter: I’ve been in this industry for more than 20 years now and it has been a constant struggle to educate and train those around me to perform their due diligencebefore issuing the knee-jerk response that “it must be the network.” If you don’t understand the problem then ask for help, don’t pretend to understand the problem and then assign blame when you have no idea what you are talking about. I suspect people are getting worse and not better, although I almost wonder if people are getting lazier and just want someone else to fix their problems.

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Community Reads

Novelty MacBook Pro Touch Bar Apps: RANKED – by Rich Stroffolino

An Engineer’s View of SD-WAN in 2017 – by Jordan Martin

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