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Intel NFV, an SD-WAN Cook-Off, and a Missing Control Plane in Gestalt Networking News 17.6

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The On-Premise IT Roundtable Podcast talks Intel and NFV

Earlier this month, we launch a podcast, the On-Premise IT Roundtable! Each episode looks at one particular topic the a select panel of experts on-site. So you could say we’re staying on-premise while we’re on-premises…or not. For our latest episode, checkout our discussion of Intel and NFV. The roundtable discusses what future Intel has in the space, and how they compete with more historic players in the market. If you enjoy, make sure to subscribe and review it in iTunes!
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TELoIP and the SD-WAN Cook-Off

You don’t have to follow enterprise IT too closely before you quickly become familiar with the idea of SD-WAN. It’s the chili of enterprise networking. Everyone seems to have their own recipe, but when you look in the pot, they all look similar. Some come canned from a company, making it easy to deploy into a bowl. Others provide a few secret spices to add to what you’re already cooking. And some organizations just roll their own from scratch. There’s great debate whether IWAN is chili, or simply a very complicated stew. TELoIP has a different take on the category.
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Upcoming Events in Networking

June 26-28, 2017

Cisco Live US heads out to the desert this June, and a Tech Field Day Extra event will be along for the ride  They’ll have a select group of delegates on hand to hear from the latest and greatest from a variety of Cisco presentations. PaesslerOpengear, and Pluribus Networks will also be there. Mark your calendar now and check back soon for full delegate lists and other presenting companies!

More Articles of Interest

Who Moved My Control Plane? 

Jordan Martin has a problem. The idea of moving the control plane from a device to a central controller sounds like it makes a lot of sense in SDN. I mean, it’s called a control plane, why not move it to a controller? Despite the phonic similarity, this isn’t actually what happens.
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TCP Terminators: An Expert Analysis

Martin Sustrik writes: The shortcomings of TCP connection termination have been described many times. However, there’s one special use case that is rarely, if ever, discussed. Imagine a TCP client wanting to shut down its TCP connection to server cleanly. It wants to send the last request to the server, read any responses it may produce and exit.
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Community Reads

Why the Heck Would You Use NSX? – by John Welsh

The Future of SDN is Up in the Air – by Tom Hollingsworth

Premise vs Premises: A Modest Rebuttal – by Rich Stroffolino

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