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Painful Language, Simple Security, and Jordan Martin in Gestalt News 18.11

There is a great disturbance in the source code.

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Painful IT Language – The On-Premise IT Roundtable

In our latest On-Premise IT Roundtable we tackle a sensative subject, painful IT language! Our panel discusses which words particularly irk them, why they find them so troublesome, and how seemingly intelligible words have become marketing bluster. In the end, the discussion turns to how to handle when people use them, and if these words are just distracting, or actually impact business.
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Jordan Martin – IT Origins

Every Thursday, we interview an interesting voice in IT for our IT Origins series. We dig into how they got their start in the industry, how it’s changed since then, and what are their best and worst IT trends. We also throw in some productivity tips and book recommendations. This week, we talked to Jordan Martin, Principal Consultant at Core BTS, CCIE# 43772, and Co-Founder of one of our favorite podcasts, Network Collective.  We discussed how Chuck Yeager’s Flight Simulator, music theory, and a broken down car, led him down the road to IT.
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First Five: Simple Security Issues

Interested in a big topic but have no idea where to start? Then you need First Five. In each installment, Nikki Schnupp give you the first five thing you need to know to get you started. This time around, she’s tackling security issues. For such a big topic, Nikki focused on the low hanging security fruit that most people forget about. For anyone looking to get a handle on security, Nikki’s post is a great place to start.
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Cloud Field Day 3

April 4-6, 2018

It’s about to be cloudy with a chance of Field Day in Silicon Valley next month. Cloud Field Day is happening April 4-6, and they’ve got a packed roster of companies who will have in-depth technical presentations during the event. Make sure to watch their video live stream to catch each presentation, or subscribe to their YouTube channel to catch all the video after the event. DelphixDruvaMorpheus DataNetAppOracleRiverbedRubrik, and Veritas will be presenting, along with two secret companies! Follow along on Twitter using #CFD3, and the announced delegates Chris EvansChris PorterEstelle AuberixJeff WilsonJustin WarrenKeith TownsendMartez ReedMichelle LaverickNed BellavanceNick JanetakisScott D. Lowe, and Tim Crawford.

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