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Tiering vs Caching, SvSAN Lets You Go Sans SAN, and DNA Petabits in Gestalt Storage News 17.2

Storage rules everything around me. Here’s your regular look at what’s happening in storage.

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We’ve Launch the On-Premise IT Roundtable Podcast!

We’re proud to announce the launch of our new podcast, the On-Premise IT Roundtable! Each episode gathers IT experts to discuss one particular idea or question each show, all done live on location. You could say it stays on-premise while being on -premises (or not). New episodes drop every other Tuesday. Out next week, we’ll be digging deep into the discussion of caching vs tiering with our posse of storage experts. Check out our video excerpt above to get ready. And remember to subscribe in iTunes and YouTube to never miss an episode.
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Sans SAN with StorMagic

In some ways, StorMagic has an old school approach to software-defined storage. Instead of a hyperconverged infrastructure approach that utilizes some of the same principals, but ultimately locks you into very specific hardware, StorMagic is strictly software only. Their goal is to provide software abstracted storage functions that allow organizations to run on their hardware of choice. They see their market at the edge of the enterprise. These would be remote locations for large organization where installing and deploying specialized hardware isn’t cost effective or physically feasible.
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Upcoming Events in Storage

 June 14-16, 2017
This summer, Denver will play host to another Storage Field Day event. There are already a number of announced presenters, with Dell EMC, ExabloxPrimary Data, SeagateSNIA, and X-IO all on-board. They’ll be presenting to Alex Galbraith, Brandon Graves, Dan Frith, Erik Ableson, Jason Nash, Matthew Leib, Max Mortillaro, Mike Preston, Nick Howell, Ray Lucchesi, and Scott D. Lowe. Remember to watch along live during the presentations on our live stream!

From the Community

What Constitutes a Successful Backup? by Preston de Guise

Ransomware and Backup Considerations by Richard T Arnold

DNA Storage is Weird by Rich Stroffolino

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