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IBM Buys Turbonomic | Gestalt IT Rundown: May 05, 2021

IBM Buys Turbonomic, HPE GreenLake Gets Cloudy Storage, Dell Announces APEX Storage-as-a-Service and Aryaka buys Secucloud for SASE. We discuss these stories and more on this week’s Rundown.

Dell Dumps Boomi | 0:31

Dude, you can get a part of Dell! The selloff of accumulated assets continues as Dell announced that it is selling integration company Boomi to a private equity firm for around $4 billion. The move is widely seen as a way to bolster Dell’s bottom line and get some cash flowing onto the books. Boomi provides the kind of services that allow desperate services to be integrated together and work seamlessly, which is exactly the kind of thing Dell needs with so many moving parts now. The equity firm believes they can make more out of the company and Dell needs the income to pay down the Everest-sized debt looming in the future.

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Verizon Sells Yahoo and AOL for $5 billion | 3:15

Verizon has signed out of AOL. The news broke that the telecom giant is selling off their Yahoo and AOL properties to Apollo Global Management, a private equity firm, for around $5 billion. That’s a big loss considering the company paid $4.5 billion for AOL in 2015 and $4.4 billion for Yahoo in 2017. Verizon’s attempts to turn the once-titanic Internet giants into a force to rival Facebook and Google never materialized, and neither did buyers for the division. Interest reportedly came for pieces of the companies and not the entire unit, which soured potential suitors.

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Intel Investing in New Mexico Foundry | 5:35

Intel is looking to put about $3.5 billion into their Rio Rancho, NM foundry. The move is designed to build up the new Foveros technology that Intel is touting as a new way to build their semiconductors with IDM 2.0. Announced back in March, IDM 2.0 came alongside the news that Intel would be offering foundry services for hire to other manufacturers.

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Spectres of the Future for AMD and Intel | 9:20

Researchers have discovered a new way to exploit the speculative instruction attack known as SPECTRE in Intel and AMD chipset, effectively disabling all the fixes for the tenacious bug. The report highlights attempts to read a small on-chip buffer that caches simple commands that are derived from the complex instructions the CPUs process. These “micro-op” registers are vulnerable to side-channel attacks and could allow attackers to read sensitive information well before the execution pipeline.

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HPE GreenLake Gets Cloudy Storage | 12:02

HPE is refreshing their GreenLake storage-as-a-service offering this week in an effort to build an “edge-to-cloud platform-as-a-service” offering. The package includes Data Services Cloud Console, a new management technology built on Aruba Central, the platform used to managed networking and wireless offerings, as well as Alletra, a cloud-native piece of NVMe hardware combining Nimble Storage tech with Pimera that pulls settings from the cloud to offer high-speed edge storage.

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Dell Announced APEX Storage-as-a-Service | 13:00

Dell Technologies World is this week and Dell is jumping into the storage-as-a-service fray with APEX. The solution is positioned to offer managed file and block storage to customers as a consumable service. Notably, it encompasses hyperconverged infrastructure, which is missing from HPE GreenLake. Dell said that APEX was an outcomes-based approach, which removes specific product lines from the mix and lets Dell decide which hardware you’ll be running to meet your requirements.

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Aryaka buys Secucloud for SASE | 22:39

In case you thought SASE was just a clever marketing term, the push to integrate services into SD-WAN continues. SD-WAN as a service vendor Aryaka announced this week that they will be buying German cloud security vendor Secucloud. The pickup gives Aryaka a native way to offer SASE security services to customers without the need to rely on partners in the space. The Aryaka model lends itself well to SASE, with their point-of-presence on-ramps providing a perfect location for traffic analysis and control. Aryaka says they will continue to offer partnerships with Checkpoint, Palo Alot, and Zscaler.

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IBM Buys Turbonomic | 29:15

IBM is continuing their promise to keep their buying spree going. Last weeek they announced that they will be picking up Tech Field Day presenter Turbonomic to help with application visiblity and management. The deal would see the Boston-based company headed to IBM’s Cloud Pak for Watson AIOps offering. Additionally, the network monitoring pieces of the platform will be positioned to help carriers and telecom providers enhance their 5G offerings and provide enhanced application performance. Stephen, Turbonomic has some great technology.

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