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Intel Excited About Big Semiconductor Bill | Gestalt IT Rundown: June 23, 2021

Intel is excited about the big semiconductor bill that was just passed by the U.S. Senate, over 8.4 billion passwords have been leaked in an enormous 100GB text file leak and HPE goes big with Green Lake. We discuss these stories and more on this week’s Rundown.

Veeam Back In The Fed Business

Veeam has decided to get back into the federal business after some issues. The purchase of N2WS three years ago led to complaints from the US government about their data backups being stored by a Russian-based company. Veeam later sold N2WS back to the original founders in 2019 but held off getting back into the fed action until Insight Partners purchased Veeam last year. In order to make things look better for the US, Veeam has launched a separate subsidiary for government work called Veeam Government Solutions, Inc.

iPhone Bug Breaks Wi-Fi

A newly discovered bug in iOS could cripple your Wi-Fi. The bug exploits an SSID with a name that includes specific variable names with percent signs. When joined, the network will crash the Wi-Fi stack and render it inoperable, even after a reboot. The current fix involves resetting your network connections and joining your wireless networks again.

Spot Optimizes Spark Jobs

NetApp knows how to hit the right Spot. Specifically, they are announcing a new service aimed at launching Apache Spark workloads on Kubernetes. The advantages of using Spot by NetApp are fully managed infrastructure and automation expertise. The announcement brings the acquisition of Data Mechanics back to the forefront, as this technology is what is being leveraged to provide the new offering. Stephen, Spark is a big deal for big data. What’s the play here from NetApp?

Quantum Computing Breakthrough Warms Up

Quantum computing is a cool subject. Quite literally, since the technology needs to be chilled within a few degrees of absolute zero in order to work properly. According to a new report from Science Daily, researchers at the University of Copenhagen have succeeded in storing quantum bits, or qubits, at room temperature for the first time. This new announcement means that qubits can be stored without massive energy investment in cooling and also be stored in greater capacity than ever before.

HPE Goes Big with Greenlake

HPE Discover is happening this week and it looks like Greenlake is reaping the benefits. Tuesday marked the release of several new features of the everythingas-a-service offering, including a silicon-on-demand service in partnership with Intel. Also of note is Greenlake Lighthouse, designed to offer cloud-native workload configuration assistance, Project Aurora zero-trust security architecture based on the Scytale acquisition, and a whole host of offerings aimed at cloudifying specific verticals like EMR and financial services. Stephen, we know that HPE is betting big on Greenlake.

Huge Password Credential Leak Disclosed

Just when you thought it was safe to reuse a password, it’s time for another big data breach! The news last week was the leak of an enormous 100GB text file containing over 8.4 billion password entries. Researchers believe that this is a compilation of several different data breaches over the years collected in one single file that can easily be searched. Needless to say, with only 7 billion people in the world it’s a safe bet that your old password has been leaked by now if it’s included in this massive breach. No word yet on how quickly attackers will start trying to force their way into your accounts or if affected companies will force password resets to head off the inevitable exploitation.

Intel Excited About Big Semiconductor Bill

Pat Gelsinger is a happy man today. The US Senate passed a huge bill providing $52 billion dollars for domestic semiconductor manufacturing. The US Innovation and Competition Act, which had formerly been called the Endless Frontier Act, is seen as a specific response to the influence of China in the realm of chip manufacturing. Gelsinger is one of many voices echoing the importance of investing in US-based chip plants and Intel has spent a significant amount of capital upgrading and modernizing plans in Arizona as of late.

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