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Gestalt IT Showcase: The Zen of Storage by Foskett Services

This Showcase is a 2-part series by Foskett Services @SFoskett.

The Zen of Storage 
Stephen Foskett presents The Zen of Storage.

In Part 1, Stephen presents Five Truths of Storage:
– Preventing Data Loss is All that Matters
– Storage Metrics are Blind
– The Need for Storage is Endless
– Protocols are Irrelevant
– Storage Features are System Features

In Part 2, Stephen then applies these truths to the new architectures that are appearing across IT:
– Converged and Hyper-Converged Infrastructure
– Hybrid Cloud
– True Cloud Computing
– Future Computing Systems


Part 1:

Part 2:

The Gestalt IT Showcase is an interactive conversation featuring a company subject matter expert and a panel of independent, technical IT influencers. These sessions add valuable thought leadership and credibility to product presentations. The IT Influencers dig in, ask questions, and discuss the content on camera –  creating a conversation you won’t see anywhere else.

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