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A Conversation with Congruity360 COO Mark Shirman

  1. Getting to Know Congruity360
  2. A Conversation with Congruity360 COO Mark Shirman
  3. The Great Congruity360 Data Migration
  4. Congruity360 Opens a Historic Data Center
  5. Congruity360: A Confluence of Services

At Commvault GO 2017, Stephen Foskett sat down with Congruity360 COO Mark Shirman. They discuss how the company’s engineering talent allows them differentiate in their emerging services around infrastructure business. This builds on their legacy storage reseller business, but has expanded to providing services across the data center. This is all provided by their brand new 200,000 sq ft data center located in Fall River, MA.

Stephen and Mark further look back at their shared history in the storage industry. This includes working together at GlassHouse Technologies, and looking at how the industry has, and hasn’t, changed since the early 2000s.

For more information on Congruity360, make sure to check out their presentation at Storage Field Day on November 10.

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