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Congruity360: A Confluence of Services

  1. Getting to Know Congruity360
  2. A Conversation with Congruity360 COO Mark Shirman
  3. The Great Congruity360 Data Migration
  4. Congruity360 Opens a Historic Data Center
  5. Congruity360: A Confluence of Services

The enterprise IT world is a crowded place in 2017. It can often be a confusing landscape to ascertain. On the one hand, incumbent giants still wield considerable influence throughout the industry. On the other hand, these companies are bombarded on all sides by constant waves of new startups, seeking to enable the famed “digital transformation” that is habitually promised but always in the process of becoming. In this landscape, how can a newly created company not only standout, but create a foothold for themselves, to create relevancy and visibility?

Congruity360 is no stranger to this dilemma. Having emerged in 2017 as a merger of Congruity and KNJ, the company found itself with a impressive portfolio of services, but with a brand new name and entity to prove themselves against.

Unlike a brand new startup however, Congruity360 has a number of advantages. For one, although under a new name, they have a long history of delivering services. This includes a strong portfolio of managed service offerings, covering most data center needs, as well as more specific things like e-discovery.

The company also has an interesting legacy of reclamation. This started with their existing business as a storage reseller. In an era where every company is talking about ripping and replacing infrastructure to install the latest AFA, Congruity360 helps serve organizations on the other end of the spectrum. They offer to remove fully functional storage from organizations, and sell it to others with a service guarantee.

Congruity360 took the same approach when constructing a new data center. They just opened a new one in Fall River, MA. Instead of building costly infrastructure from scratch, they decided to use an old mill made of solid granite. This state of the art facility sits on this legacy site, providing helpful reuse of existing community resources, while being the basis for their extensive service catalog.

Using this data center, Congruity360 is able to offer a comprehensive catalog of services. We reviewed their migration offering in a previous post, as presented at Storage Field Day. This provides not just the IT back-end, but again provides for more practical business needs, including securely transporting and moving data for organizations.

The start of this series began with “Getting to Know Congruity360.” We approached this series from that perspective, not just focusing on products on services, but the how and why of the company as well. We’ve seen where they live, and spoken to their executives. After examine their corporate past and present offerings, the company certainly has the services to create a successful future.

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