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Congruity360 Opens a Historic Data Center

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  4. Congruity360 Opens a Historic Data Center
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The IT world is defined by nothing else than the struggles of both embracing the new while dealing with legacy infrastructure. Very often the two are at odds, tied up in decisions of capital, both technological and human.

So it’s not too often when a project comes around that enables new technology while embracing legacy infrastructure. Congruity360 just opened a new data center that bridges these two conflicting concerns with remarkable elegance.

The company’s new data center in Fall River, MA is built directly out of a historical cotton mill that had long since been out of use. The mill is made of solid granite, and made for an idea space for Congruity360 to host their data center.

We got a full tour of the new facility during their unveiling. We got to see how Congruity360 made use of the legacy mill building and their state of the art security and cooling.

Stephen Foskett also interviewed the mayor of Fall River, MA, Jasiel Correia II. They discussed how the city worked with Congruity360 to bring this facility to their mill, and how the city is positioned to take advantage of it’s manufacturing legacy with high tech business.

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