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Intel – Working to Enable AI Everywhere

IT has been an industry that for years has seen tremendous growth in numerous spaces, from how we manage and deploy our workforce, to hosting more cloud-based solutions in our environments. But one area that’s been leading the charge and truly innovating and thriving along the way is artificial intelligence (AI). Leading that charge is one of the true innovators in our industry themselves: Intel. Let’s take a closer look at how AI is improving not only day to day operations, but also providing us key insights into helping transform the way we utilize & leverage IT workflows!

The Center of IT Excellence Is Upon Us

Over the course of the last 12 years, there have more than over 250 AI professionals all over the globe honing their craft and mastering this innovative technology to help Intel both scale AI across all their platforms, as well as leverage into their critical work operations as well. Dedicated teams focus on multiple business units and divisions of the organization ranging from power and performance to hardware validation, testing, manufacturing and more! Intel has also leveraged the platform to see exponential productization at scale. And with state-of-the-art methods it’s a win-win for the organization as internal practitioners receive new perspectives on how to take AI to the next level!

What Keeps Us Motivated & How We Can Be Better!

As with anything, the constant desire and drive to stay ahead of the changing IT landscape is imperative! It’s shown that while over 83% of businesses truly believe that AI is a key and strategic priority in implementing new solutions, 85% of them are destined to fail. Why? It’s due to a multitude of factors. For one, when learning a new technology or tool right out of the gate without the foundational pieces, there’s nothing to build upon, which aids in lacking the needed skills to succeed in learning. As with any platform, it’s exactly no different when learning AI. Without more skilled practitioners being trained, the projects can’t continue. Another area which should be focused on more heavily is granting better access to the tools and technologies for these up-and-coming professionals to get their hands on and dive right in! Finally, creating a detailed learning path for AI skills would allow organizations to develop talent to help utilize this technology by sparking interest with individuals and then helping them grow and take the steps to understand the power that can be harnessed.

AI Everywhere- We Can Be Better!

It’s no secret that while AI is changing the way we manage technology and processes, there could always be room for improvement! So how do we achieve that and where do we start? One thing about the IT community is there’s no shortage of resources. By having IT pros collaborate to understand technology changes, we can leverage the enthusiasm of the new members of the team and the experience of the seasoned people to help build the kinds of spaces that allow everyone to learn and adopt new ways of doing things. One area that needs laser focused attention also is ensuring that applying known methodologies and AI governance processes are in place. In doing so, it will also ensure the highest quality standards are being upheld and that secure testing will be taking place before implementing these into day-to-day operations for businesses globally.

Source: Intel AI Everywhere Team

Seize The Future!

AI has changed the landscape for businesses ranging from sales to manufacturing, but what hasn’t stopped is the need for more process improvements and opportunities where we can utilize AI and automation to further simplify our lives! Intel has taken such a proactive approach in assuring that those looking to expand their AI skillsets have access to any and everything AI. Intel has assembled a community comprised of a collection of over 120 courses, publications, and white papers relevant to AI practitioners both internally in their organization and publicly throughout the community. I’m personally excited to see where the next steps and evolution of AI take place. Intel has been a valued community member for years due to their reliability, performance, and innovative solutions. Thanks to their efforts to spread the word on AI I will be informed and ready when AI begins to shift the way that IT gets things done for users. They’ve taken technology to an entirely different level and AI based solutions are leading those next steps into the future of IT!

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