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Micron Technology is Paving the Way for 5G and AI in Mobile Devices

As 5G and AI continue to innovate the enterprise IT space, many wonder if the two budding technologies will hit the mobile device space as well. After all, increased connectivity, smarter imagery, and voice recognition are all common upgrades in the mobile space over the past several years. But will mobile devices have the capacity to support budding AI and 5G technologies without becoming too large or using too much battery?

Join Micron Technology and our panel of experts in this sponsored roundtable discussion about the feasibility of 5G and AI in mobile devices. Learn how mobile device components need to expand to meet the requirements of 5G and AI and how Micron Technology is leading the charge with their storage and memory products.


Stephen Foskett

Gina Rosenthal




Micron Panelist

Chris Moore, Vice President of Marketing, Mobile Business Unit at Micron Technology. Connect with Chris on LinkedIn.


Tom Hollingsworth



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