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How a Storage Company Approaches Containers

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Containers are great for a lot of things. Persistent storage isn’t one of them. This has been an issue with containers since day one. So why a dearth of solutions?

Some of the issue comes with what audiences storage and containers address. Containers are often the purview of developers, who can see infrastructure as window dressing. But storage companies are often only considering admins with their products.

Stephen Foskett recently had a conversation with Sandeep Singh and Anthony Ferrario about how Pure Storage is approaching this issue. With their Pure Service Orchestrator, they can pool any number of FlashArray and FlashBlades into a single pool addressable by a cloud-native API.

What’s really interesting here is that Pure is taking on all comers with Service Orchestrator. If an API call comes in that just asks for some storage, Pure’s backend will evaluate where it should live across their pool of block and file storage, serving it up without any additional configuration. But it also has the flexibility to let developers be as specific as they need for their storage.

Be sure to check out Stephen, Sandeep and Anthony discussing this at length in the interview below. They also discuss Pure Storage’s multi-cloud advantages, and the unique benefits of Evergreen Storage, which delivers a non-disruptive software and hardware upgrades.

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