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Pure Storage and VMworld US 2018: What I Expect

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In a recent post, I wrote extensively about the integrations of VVols, and the other discrete components of VASA into the Pure Storage architecture. We’ll all be very interested in seeing more about this at VMworld 2018 in Las Vegas. Compelling use-cases, to be sure, but there’s so much more we can anticipate from Pure at the show. Let me start by saying how the development of code from this rapidly growing platform has impressed me with their accuracy and focus. I’ve been a channel partner for the entire duration of their time as a provider. Pure has continued to show me the agility to rapidly assist to deliver solutions to customers in a way that’s truly unique in the industry.

Integrate and Replicate

Along these lines, the integration of cloud providers, like Amazon Web Services (AWS), has significantly changed the way that the hypervisor platform providers like VMware are doing their business. This requires seamless integration of AWS as a component into the tools administrators use every day. However, this has been a difficult integration in many cases. This has been made far easier by Pure Storage, and will continue along this path as their adept developers have proven

Replication has been a strong piece of technology in the Pure Storage environment since the initial release of Purity. Included in that has been the ability to snap portions of the workload, VM’s, etc. The addition of “CloudSnap” into Purity allows for administrators to snapshot those same components. In addition, those snapshots (including deduplication) can be sent to a cloud provider. The initial release of this will focus on AWS as the first model, but other vendors will quickly be added to the list. Stay tuned.

You’ll then be able to rehydrate these snapshots onto the AWS platform. This gives you not only a complete DR solution, but a backup that integrates all changed data as well. I think the ability to replicate a segment or the entirety of your virtual environment onto AWS proves that not only is Pure thinking about what a VMware administrator needs, but also how IT is spending to provide critical functionality to their infrastructure. The option to use AWS reduces your requirement for Site Recovery Manager, or even traditional backup software as your DR/BC solution. Additionally, everything is integrated within the storage platform, with no reliance on a completely separate environment to control these functions.

Finding Value

Pure knows that the first adoption of All Flash Array is, in many cases, a daunting process. For now, the unavoidable reality is flash costs more than spinning disk. However, there are so many features included in the operating system: dynamic and highly functional deduplication, compression, and additional features available with no additional license required. This makes it clear that Pure has addressed that cost factor but has also brought added value for that additional cost.

When these additional features are evaluated, it’s clear that the cost is pragmatically quite a bit lower and holds huge additional value. As customers, we must look beyond the cost of the product and into the value of the product. The value of Pure Storage in the data center goes far beyond that of the simple storage. I am confident that these values will continue to be sought out and leveraged for greater things. We are sure to see more value being brought to the table as other companies see the advantage that Pure offers.

There’s also additional new functionality being brought to the table by Pure that we’re sure to see at VMworld this year. These are likely to include integrations that go beyond VMware and into other hypervisor platforms as well. While I don’t have any specific knowledge, I do know that as we see further growth by Microsoft and Citrix, as well as other hypervisors with specific requirements, there will be more integrations. Functionally, Pure wants to grow their data center footprint and provide for all needs wherever possible. As the API world continues to be developed beyond the VMware and AWS ecosystems, I am confident that we’re going to see this grow.

I anticipate greater development in automation being provided by the storage arrays into the hypervisor, adding to the administrator’s abilities to manage their tasks even more easily. I feel confident about how Pure has taken this stance for the development of the platform, and I know that they’re on a path to truly develop their footprint far more aggressively into technologies that we’ve not even anticipated.

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