Storage Migration Tools: A look at what’s around

Recently my organization purchased an EMC Celerra Array in the interest of making our file storage more scalable and available for the users.  We are also going to start down the virtualization path, but I am going to try the one step at a time approach.

Now that I have the storage in place and turned on, the planning of just how to cut it up can begin.  Because we are an all Windows shop, CIFS will be the method of choice for file systems.  I will likely keep a small section of disk for iSCSI just for opportunities sake.

What now?

Next comes moving the existing data to the Celerra.  This is where I am currently planning and determining how to proceed.  The goal of this series is to look at a few of the tools available to help with data migration and some of the planning that might go with moving data.

As this moves forward I will discuss planning of a migration and what you might consider when looking to migrate data as well as a few of the tools available to accomplish a migration.

Because things are still coming together for these posts, if there are things you want to see or know about, please let me know.

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  • Have you investigated the Celerra Data Migration Service yet?  It’s built-in to the GUI as long as you had Advanced Edition of Celerra Manager. 

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