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IMG_0030Over a year ago I was given a 4GB iPod Nano as a gift, but I never really used it for more than listening to music. In fact, it eventually came to rest docked in a small “boom box” in my kids’ room. I lost interest in the Nano partly because my Blackberry (with the addition of a mini SD card) was able to play everything the Nano could, partly because the 4 GB of space always seemed to reach capacity quickly, and partly because I got frustrated with iTunes. In the last few months I bought a 64 GB iPod Touch, decided to give iTunes a second chance (for the apps), and even found some software alternatives. I feel like I’m getting more out of my iPod than the first time around. I’m finding professional and career value in the iPod Touch in ways I did not expect. Subscribing to technical, storage and virtualization podcasts or uploading training materials in portable format to listen to while traveling is a huge benefit.

I explained my most recent personal evolution of media gadgets to point out that many devices are podcast capable, so even if you don’t have an iPod you probably can still subscribe with most any portable device. The point is any mp3 player could be used to broaden your virtualization and general technical knowledge. The trick is figuring out how to find, subscribe, and sync the content to your device with the least amount of effort.

For those looking for other software options,

I’ll quickly mention a couple of alternatives to iTunes with native ability for subscribing to podcasts or transferring files to your device:

Winamp requires a plug-in to work with iPod Nanos and earlier models, but my recently updated iPod Touch 3G doesn’t seem to work yet. I never tested the Touch 2G and Winamp personally. MediaMonkey and doubleTwist read my iPod Touch just fine. All 3 can sync with my iPods, and Blackberrys, and according to their web sites just about all other mp3 players and cell phones with media playing features.

Since the other options do not seem to handle video as well, I primarily use CopyTrans for manually transferring mp4s. CopyTrans does not allow you to subscribe to podcasts, however.

In some cases when your media player software is not able to do the job, you can use a RSS reader to subscribe and download podcasts and then sync to the player as you would any other mp3s.

I thought I would list the Virtualization, storage, and technology podcasts that are currently in my sync schedule and hopefully get some feedback and recommendations from VM /ETC readers — both on great podcasts I’m missing and other tips for transferring and listening to them. This is by no means an exhaustive list. Let me know about other great podcasts I might be missing!

Maybe I can convince Eric Siebert to add a new category to his popular Top 10 Lists and rankings?

My Current Podcasts (in alphabetical order)

I’m providing both a link to each podcast web site as well as the RSS feed. I’m also including the description provided by the podcast hosts themselves. Follow the site link to find the options for subscribing with your media player software or enter the RSS feed to start downloading the podcast .mp3s to your computer via your favorite feed reader.

This daily podcast is like an audio version of In each episode we discuss the day’s main story and the conversation from the previous day.

CrankyGeeks, hosted by PC Magazine contributing editor John C. Dvorak.   Each week a group of expert panelists discuss the most controversial topics in tech. CrankyGeeks airs on Wednesdays at 3:30pm eastern, and can be downloaded at

You may know Peter Rojas and Ryan Block as the guys behind Engadget and Gizmodo, but they’re back with gdgt – the ultimate online destination for all things gadgety and electronic. Tune in every week as Peter and Ryan discuss the latest goings on in the world of gadgets.

Geek Brief TV is a Video Podcast with news about tech tools and toys featuring Cali Lewis. The format is fast, fun, fresh and flirty.

Greg Knieriemen and Marc Farley discuss current events and strategies around the data center with the leaders in the industry. Topics include data storage, networking, storage virtualization, server virtualization (VMware) and backup.

A podcast covering the top stories in enterprise data storage from week to week, also featuring interviews with industry experts.

Storage Soup Podcast RSS Feed

How do fiber optics work? How about the Sony PSP? Join Chris and Jonathan as they discuss a wide array of technological topics and trends in TechStuff, a podcast from

Tekzilla feeds your tech hunger! Patrick Norton and Veronica Belmont bring you hands on reviews of the latest gear, tips and tricks that improve the tech you already own and conversations with the most informative experts around.

Get virtualization news and find out how it affects IT managers and systems administrators in this weekly server virtualization podcast. Learn about the latest server virtualization market news from VMware, Microsoft, Citrix Systems and other virtualization vendors.

VMware experts talk about VMware news, interesting virtualization posts, and what’s happening in the VMware Communities.

I recently found the post 15+ Podcasts Every Geek Should Listen To. The list contains several of the podcast I’ve already mentioned, but several more that I have not checked out myself yet. I plan on adding a few to my subscription list and see what sticks!

As I mentioned previously, I want this post to not only be my podcast suggestions to readers but I am searching for new content myself. Let me know your suggestions!

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