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Securing 2022 With Security Field Day 7!

It’s time for our first security-focused event of the year! We’re excited to be bringing you Security Field Day 7 to discuss all of the great new things happening in the realm of technology designed to keep us safe and sound.

Security Field Day Presentation Schedule

This event will be filled with great presentations for the delegates as well as our live audience. Wednesday kicks off with a great new presenter, Microsoft Security. They’re presenting for the first time at Security Field Day and they’ll be talking about Active Directory security in Azure as well as XDR. Up next is Keeper Security, another new presenter to the event. They’re going to be talking about secrets management as well as some exciting new technology on the horizon to help end users. Wrapping up the first day of presentations is Arista, who will be talking more about their network security architecture as well as highlighting the integration of Awake Security into their portfolio.

Thursday starts out with ZPE Systems and their secure remote access solutions. They’ve presented at the event before but this will be a great look into how they solve security challenges. Following along is Juniper Networks, a very familiar company at Tech Field Day. They are going to be talking about their latest advances in network and cloud security and helping the delegates see their vision for how to keep infrastructure secured. The final presenter of Thursday is RackTop Systems, fresh off their recent appearance at Storage Field Day. They’ll be showing how to solve the challenge of unstructured data in the enterprise.

Friday is a busy day too! We start off with an update from Progress. They acquired Kemp a while back and will be discussing the Flowmon technology that has wowed delegates at previous events. Next is Rubrik, who might be more well known for their backup and recovery software. In the modern world of ransomware you need all the security you can get and they have a solution you won’t want to miss. Closing out Friday is a special presentation from Intel which will highlight what’s new in their SGX secure memory initiative.

Follow Along Live

All of the sessions from this event will be streamed live March 23-25, 2022 at the Security Field Day event page as well as on our Tech Field Day LinkedIn page. You can also catch the recorded presentations after the event on the Tech Field Day Youtube channel. Make sure you subscribe so you don’t miss any of the great video footage! You can also follow the Tech Field Day Twitter account and use the hashtag #XFD7 to participate in the discussion with the delegates in the room. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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