Multi-User MIMO — Marketing Hype vs Reality

Keith Parsons of WLAN Pros writes:

During the presentation at #WFD7 from Matt Silverman, Technical Leader from Cisco on an Overview from MIMO technology, I started to think about the net effects this might cause our Wireless LANs in the future as 802.11ac Wave 2 in on the horizon for next year.

Though I, like many of you, are intrigued and impressed by the technical complexity and geek-coolness of MU-MIMO… I started to think through some of the implications and how reality is going to trump marketing hype.

Those marketing Wave2 as the “Panacea” of Wi-Fi congestion will be proven wrong. (I added the word Panacea just for my friend Sam Clements)

Here are some of the issues I foresee that will counteract all the marketing machine hype surrounding Wave 2.

Keith has some great thoughts about multi-user MIMO here. Remember that every new technology comes with some caveats.

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