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Securing the Enterprise with Intel® Homomorphic Encryption

One of the most crucial challenges facing today’s organizations is the ability to manage and encrypt data across all aspects of their environment. With data at rest, in use, and in flight, creating a consistent encryption experience proves more difficult than meets the eye.

Instead of cobbling together multiple data security tools, however, IT organizations can instead leverage a tool like Intel’s Homomorphic Encryption (HE) to fully manage the security of their data. That way, both security and consistency are maintained across the entirety of an IT environment.

Join host Stephen Foskett and his panel of guests, including representatives from Intel’s HE team, as they discuss the need for large-scale, consistent encryption in data sciences in this Gestalt IT Roundtable Discussion. Watch the whole discussion to learn more about Intel HE!

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Zoe Rose

Scott Bollinger

Intel Panelists

Flavio Bergamaschi, Lead Technologist for HE at Intel. Connect with him on LinkedIn

Fabian Boemer, Technical Lead for Intel HEXL. Connect with him on LinkedIn


Stephen Foskett



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